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Emerita/Emeritus Society Retired Faculty Serving the Future

Emerita/us Society Executive Board

Tom Brigham, Ph.D. 

Tom Brigham and his family arrived in Pullman the summer of 1972. They moved from New York where Dr. Brigham  was teaching at NYU, and they spent their first year learning that one could get anywhere in Pullman in 10 minutes. They spent a lot of time in the car waiting for events to start.   

He did the usual teaching and research moving from assistant professor to professor and scientist. Tom also did a fair amount of university service. He was the founding director of the student advising and learning center, and then spent two terms herding cats as the executive secretary of the faculty senate. 

Shortly after Lane Rawlins returned to WSU as president, he asked Tom to be his executive assistant for faculty affairs.  One afternoon Lane and Tom were lamenting that WSU did almost nothing to recognize its emeritus faculty. One result of the conversation was the Emeritus Society. In 2011, Dr. Brigham retired and officially became a member of the society. 


Larry Fox, Ph.D.

Larry Fox was a professor in the Departments of Veterinary Clinical Sciences and Animal Sciences where he enjoyed close working relationships with colleagues in both Departments. His teaching appointment was in the Department of Animal Sciences where he taught dairy production classes to freshman through seniors. In Veterinary Clinical Sciences his research efforts were focused on the study of mastitis diagnosis, immune responses and disease abatement. He retired in 2019 after 34 years at Washington State University. He joined the Emerita/us Society that same year and now serves the group as its Executive Secretary.


Charles Gaskins, Ph.D.

Charles Gaskins came to WSU in 1976 with a joint appointment in the Animal Science Department and the Program In Statistics, which did teaching and consulting mostly for students and faculty in the biological sciences area. He retired in 2010. 



Sally Horton, Ph.D.

Sally Horton came to WSU as Family Economics Specialist for WSU Extension. She was tenured and promoted to Professor in the Human Development Department.  She retired in 2002 as Associate Director of Extension. For the next nine years she worked part-time for the Distance Degree Program in the research unit. She has been a member of the Emeritus/a Society since its inception and lead the Undergraduate Research Awards program for several years.



Nicholas Lovrich, Ph.D.

Nick Lovrich came to WSU in 1977 and retired to emeritus status in 2011. He was a member of the Department of Political Science and served as the WSU Faculty Senate legislative representative for ten legislative sessions.  He chaired 30 Ph.D. dissertation committees, half in Political Science and half in Criminal Justice.