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Retired Faculty Serving the Future Emeritus Society

Emeritus Development Fund

The Development Committee feels the first priority must be to supply the necessary funds to permit effective actions of The Emeritus Society.  Gifts donated to the Emeritus Development Fund will enable the Emeritus Society in reaching our goals to engage and assist with the mission of the university. When we have reached a gifting level of $3000 we will start to award scholarships. We selected undergraduate student scholarship and research as one theme for The Emeritus Society to support as part of the University’s land grant mission.

The Emeritus Undergraduate Research and Scholarship Award program will be modeled after the scholarship known as the Faculty Association for Scholarship and Research (FASR). This award program was designed and funded by WSU faculty from diverse disciplines who where interested in promoting undergraduate scholarship and research on campus. The Emeritus Undergraduate Research Fund will acknowledge and support excellence in undergraduate research and scholarly activities.

How did this fund come about? History of funding

The research and scholarship fund was established in 1975. The Emeritus Society Development Committee agrees this initiative is even more important today. May more undergraduates students are getting involved with research and scholarship efforts and our contributions will provide them with some of the resources they need to be successful.


To contribute to these funds please either go on-line to: Contribute Here Online (Keyword Search “Emeritus” > Choose between the “Emeritus Society Fund” and the “Emeritus Scholarship Fund”)

or you can download one of the following forms and mail your gift: Donor Form