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Emerita/Emeritus Society Arts and Humanities Grant for Undergraduates



The WSU Emerita/Emeritus Society offers two $1,000 grants annually to support undergraduate student research and creative exploration in the Arts and Humanities at any stage of project development up to and including final presentation. The goal of these grants is to encourage innovative research and creative activity by undergraduates engaged in and studying the fine and performing arts; in exploring modern and ancient languages, literatures, cultures, philosophy, and history; and in examining human culture and expression from defined perspectives in the wide range of related interdisciplinary programs at WSU.

Whether applicants seek funding for creative and performance projects or research investigations, they should make their methodology and the rationale for its use explicit. All projects must have the approval of a faculty mentor.



To apply for these grants, students must use the online form supported by the Office of Undergraduate Research at the following website:

In filling out the form, it is important that the applicant provide the following information:

  • A project narrative that states the aim of the research or creative inquiry, the context and potential contribution to the discipline or area of creative activity, the methodologies involved, and the projected means for disseminating results.
  • The project narrative should include a project timeline and a brief budget indicating approximately how the funds will be spent. Examples of appropriate categories include: supplies and materials, travel and evidence-gathering expenses, stipends, conference fees, and the like.
  • The “Prior Work and Experience” and “Personal Statement” sections should make clear the student’s qualifications to undertake the project, relevant coursework and non-classroom engagement and learning, and interest in and reasons for pursuing the project.
  • Specify the faculty mentor with whom the project has been designed and who has agreed to endorse it.  Please note that mentors of finalists will be asked separately to address the merits of the project and assess the student’s qualification to undertake it.



Student applicants must be currently enrolled as undergraduates and plan to conduct the research in relation to their degree program (this requirement is explicitly stated in the application form). The grant is a one-time award to the student. The funds will be allocated through the mentor’s department or program and credited to the student’s university account. In special circumstances, support for projects requiring summer work or travel will be considered.



The Emeritus Society will evaluate applications on the following criteria:

  • Completeness and coherence
  • Originality and independence of effort
  • Relevance of the methodology and promise of the project
  • Feasibility of the timeline for completion
  • Student’s qualification to conduct the proposed inquiry or creative activity
  • Mentor’s assessment and support for the project’s design and potential contribution



Please note that the online application opens on November 1.



Please email any questions to